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JYP Nation in Japan 2011 - Performances List (unconfirmed)

1. miss A - Good-bye Baby, Love Alone, Bad Girl Good Girl
2. JOO - Bad Guy, unknown song (fans don’t know what the title is. I’m guessing Because of a Man?)
3. 2AM - Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die
4. San E - Tasty San
5. Wonder Girls - I Wanna, Take It (?), Tell Me, 2 Different Tears, So Hot (with 2AM), Nobody
6. 2PM - I’m Your Man, Hate You, I’ll Be Back, Heartbeat, Without U (with WG, miss A)
7. Lim Jeong Hee - Don’t Go, Music Is My Life, Golden Lady
8. JYP - No Love No More, I Have A Woman, Dream High OST (with Kwon), Honey, She’s Pretty (with WG, miss A and JOO as dancers)
9. 2PM - Again and Again, Waiting For Run (Japanese)
10. Collaboration of Junho, Junsu and Changmin - Song title unknown
11. Seulong, Taecyeon, Jinwoon, Chansung - Michael Jackson dance break
12. Wooyoung, Nichkhun - The day I/She confessed
13. ONEDAY Special Stage
14. 2PM, Wonder Girls, miss A - 10 Points Out of 10 Points
15. 2PM - Hands Up
16. JYP Nation Photoshoot Video
17. Wonder Girls, miss A, 2PM - Heartbeat
18. 2PM, Min, JOO, Suzy, Lim - Tell Me
19. Lastly all JYP Nation together

Credit: Wonderfuls Cafè @ FB

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